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This is a very popular vegetable dish in northern India made on the basis of leaf mustard and crossings.
Sarson in Hindi means mustard, and saag – green.
Making this dish alone requires a lot of work.
Sorting, washing, chopping, and cooking the leaves and then blending them.
Ready dish in a cream form greatly facilitates us to bring this dish to the menu.
Recipes for Sarson ka saag use are very easy, but it takes a long time to prepare.
The taste and aroma of the dish come mainly from the leaves of mustard. Of course, the finished cream from a can, we can add different ingredients as many rules eg.
Spinach. The final dish is traditionally served with butter and wheat bread.
You can also decorate with pieces of onion and chili.
Mustard already in ancient times was considered a highly effective aphrodisiac.
Traditionally, the bride and groom it was administered to increase fertility and animals. White mustard seeds stimulate the secretion of gastric juices and improve digestion.
Mustard is recommended to people struggling with obesity because losing weight is easier and gives you a sense of satiety.
Products with mustard strengthen the immune system and have antibacterial properties.
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